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In her book, Love, Energy, and Miracles, Liliana takes us to the cutting edge of what is possible. Coming from an artistic, scientific and medical background, combined with extensive esoteric studies and personal development, she dares to share openly her experiences working with intuition and energy, in a space of love for humanity. Her scientific mind is always asking questions, developing methods and protocols, while in the same time, she is surrendering to her intuition in the exploration of the unseen. Liliana guides her clients in their process of healing and discovery, ensuring their independence as individuals.  

The book is easy to read and understand, even for those who have not been exposed to these topics before. It clarifies misconceptions, educates, inspires, encourages, and opens new paths for others to follow in their own quest for health, transformation, and realization of their true self. Liliana’s book is deeply moving, revolutionary, life-affirming and very different than other books I have read before in my own study and exploration of medical intuition and energy medicine. I highly recommend it.    

Barbara Hellfritz, Dr. Med.    

This is a book of stories. Beautiful, lyrical, often lighthearted stories of healing, of discovery, of light emerging from darkness. Layer after layer Liliana peels back her journey into a clairvoyant world of spirituality that most of us cannot see, describing not only what she has seen and experienced but with humility and a healthy sense of humor sharing her own surprises and aha moments along the way. In so doing, Liliana provides guidance, reminders, and occasional warnings to those who seek deeper truth and spiritual fulfillment, prompting us to test the truth and intentions of whomever we are listening to, herself included. Thus she invites the reader to see beyond the surface, to carefully consider what she has learned, and to come into the Light.

Deborah Fields, PhD
University Professor

Love, Energy and Miracles offers condensed yet complex insights into the world of energetic healing and medical intuition. We are guided, step by step, into a realm of fascinating phenomena which are observed from the perspective of a medical doctor and investigated with the rigor of a skilled scientist. Like a walk through a valley of fragrant lilies, the reading is smooth, fluid, and serene. Whether you are an experienced seeker, healer, or a total novice to these topics, the encounter with the genuine experiential perspective of an accomplished intuitive healer with a multilateral scientific and academic training, will be captivating as well as profound. 

Presented with honesty and the attention to detail of a fine analyst, the book does not only contain case studies or client stories, but a bouquet of human experiences blended with the extraordinary experiences of the author herself. Step by step, along the journey of reading, you will find yourself challenging your own belief systems about health and illness, life and death, science and spirituality. And, in doing so, you will finally realize that you are handed a key to unlocking your own path of direct experience toward Love, Energy, and Miracles.     

Luminita Simion, MD, PhD
Orthopedic surgeon, Regenerative Medicine researcher

With elegant simplicity, humor and a lot of heart, Liliana takes readers on an exciting journey of discovery into the mystery of who we truly are as humans, and our unlimited potentials. She exposes us to real life stories that illuminate, inspire, and guide us on the path of healing and transformation, through the awareness and mastery of energy. I read Love, Energy and Miracles in two days, and was profoundly touched and awakened. I will buy multiple copies of this book to offer as inspirational gifts to family, friends and associates. I want them to benefit from this read, as I did. This book does service to humanity.

Kathleen Griggs, MBA
Business & Finance Expert

Love Energy and Miracles is written in a clear, unpretentious, and humorous style, while the stories presented touch a universal cord in our hearts and remind us all of who we truly are, and why we are here. Liliana's evolution from physician-scientist to medical intuitive, energy healer, and spiritual teacher is admirable. Her pioneering efforts and courage to publish her experiences constitute a unique contribution for the betterment of the human species.

Liliana’s insights and expertise broaden our understanding regarding the scope of the healing and transformational modalities available to us all. Energy medicine invites an open-minded scientific exploration. This book inspires me as a scientist to join in pioneering efforts studying these fascinating phenomena. Bravo, Liliana!

Joseph O. Nwankwo, D. Phil (Oxon)
University Professor, Cancer research scientist

Dr. Liliana is a pioneer in the true sense of the word, especially when using her extraordinary gift of intuition. Her keen sense of curiosity and determination has given her the courage to step beyond the limiting viewpoints often found in orthodox medicine and prove that true healing results in a transformation of consciousness.  Supported by her constant teacher, Jesus Christ, she has bent rigid truths both in science and medicine and stretched beyond our three dimensional world to find spiritual truths, always following her innate intuition. This fascinating book includes many stories of healing from clients of the author as well as insights into what to look for when asking for intuitive advice.

Christine Page, MD 
Author of Frontiers of Health 
Past President of International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine 

Over a lifetime there are many books we read in search of information, knowledge, and wisdom, but few of them we find to be truly meaningful, useful and memorable. The subject of life force energy has been written about by many authors, but Liliana's book explains in a unique, heartfelt and compassionate way, through real life stories, what happens when Energy is infused with Love. It simply leads to healing Miracles. Her stories are easy and pleasant to read - one story a day. One can learn a lot from Liliana's experiences and expertise! Her book is enjoyable, rich in educational content, meaningful, useful and memorable - certainly very different then the majority of the books on similar subjects which can be found on the market.  

Angelo and Mary Kotses 
Business Entrepreneurs 

As you read Love, Energy, and Miracles your heart will open and your intellect will be captivated by the breadth of Liliana's experiences, and steadfast dedication to the study of intuitive and energetic medicine. Liliana's sincere concern for those she encounters merges with the precision of the energetic techniques she teaches to them, her diverse knowledge as an artist- physician- scientist- metaphysician, her deep faith, and authenticity. Each chapter unfolds before the reader, revealing profound and transcendent healing and transformational events facilitated by Liliana, while at the same time revealing Liliana's pure heart and Highest intentions to help others

Jane Coppola, RN, MHAL
Manager Palliative Care

I greatly enjoyed Liliana’s book – like drinking fresh spring water when thirsty – and I learned a lot from it. The essence of the book is clairvoyance and intuitive / energetic medicine, and what can be achieved by the power of belief (of all kinds - such as belief in oneself, in what is possible, in God) and the power of prayer. These phenomena are miraculous and unexplained by current science.  We all build models of the world we live in (largely using as foundation a general model accepted by others); this book clearly enhanced my own model of reality. It showed me again how mysterious the world around us is, how little we know, and how powerful our spirit can be when we are able to use it. 

Liliana writes about her experiences and successes in influencing positive transformations in people’s health. She carefully advances some hypotheses and presents theories, some originating from old cultures and belief systems, about how this influence took place, while also advising each of us to explore for ourselves the powers that lay within us. As more of us explore, joining her pioneering journey, the more evidence will be collected, and the better we will understand these phenomena. Above all, we will learn to heal ourselves and enjoy radiant health, happiness, and love.

Adrian Stoica, PhD,
Engineer and Scientist

Love, Energy, and Miracles is a book full of wisdom and knowledge brought to light for the benefit of the public, in the form of real stories and individual experiences. I quickly read it, with joy, as it opened me to many subjects which I will continue to research and explore for months and years to come. The diverse knowledge presented in these stories created a good foundation for beginning to understand in a holistic way the human body and the human being in general, as well as the old, and in the same time new, sciences of intuition and energy, and the realms of spirituality.

Danko Tomasi
Web Designer

“As my path evolved, it seemed as if everything I had done in life was in preparation for this work.” - Liliana says in Love, Energy and Miracles. This book will open for you a door to new horizons, ventures, worlds of possibilities and miracles! Liliana’s humble, clear, straight to the point, honest, with “the heart on her sleeve” style will guide you through stories of unique events, universal laws, and mysteries. she said “clients and students found me”, I am sure that this book will find its way to meet you, keep your attention, make you wonder, and stretch your mind. You will surely gain new knowledge and inspiration to go deeper into your own intuition and your own inner journey.

Gordana Mrkailo Milosavljevic
Technical Programs Manager

In this amazing collection of true stories of healing and inspiration, Liliana shares with us the possibilities existing for anyone with an open mind and a desire for healing in their life. I was surprised at the breadth to which her gifts extend! Read this book twice and allow the message of each story to bear witness to the truth that is inside each one of us.

Anita Ostrander
Beauty and style professional

An insightful, eye-opening read, Liliana writes for everyone, enabling her messages to get across to people from all walks of life. Her cheerful, whimsical narration puts the readers right in her shoes, as we follow her experiences. The stories live by themselves, but together, weave a tapestry of healing and transformation. Behind every chapter is a good lesson, which we benefit from learning, or being reminded of. Liliana inspires readers to dig deep and be open, all the while encouraging them to use discernment. Regardless of one's individual beliefs, this book will guide readers toward the richness life has to offer, with love and spirituality at its core.

Courtney McCarthy 
Media Specialist

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