Table of Contents

Words of Wisdom



Self–Healing by Design

Spoon Bending

You Need to Be Fixed

Bellybutton of the Universe

Change of Heart

Meeting John

Healing En Masse

So Very Tired

Spiritual Attack

Fate Vs. Free Will

Death Does Not Exist

The Kingdom Speaks

Old Wisdom Is the New Knowledge

Seer, Healer, Teacher

Haunted by the Past

Success, Really?

Common Sense

Energetic Welding

Mysterious Implants

Money Is Energy

Voices from the Womb

Energetics of Relationships

Head of the Uprising

Back to School


Living Green

New Leases on Life

Nun Habits

Rock Solid

A Blue Glass Eye

Phone Line to Heaven

Fast Prayer

The Clown Chakra

Practice Discernment

And the Blind Shall See

Post Scriptum


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